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Flint and Tinder Knit Boxers

⍚ December 3, 2012

My father is even more particular about things than me. This trait — combined with his propensity to simply buy things he needs immediately — makes him nearly impossible to buy gifts for.

But I thought he might actually like Flint and Tinder boxer shorts. So I ordered him one pair of knit boxers as a gift to try, and had them sent directly to him.

Before I even had the chance to talk with him to see how he liked them, he had ordered more online.

That’s how good this underwear is.

Underwear is exactly the kind of commodity we use constantly but is not up to the standards it should be.

Flint and Tinder realized that none of the designer underwear in stores was made in America, and in general it was not a good product. They set out to make a better, higher quality product in America.

They succeeded.

Flint and Tinder boxers are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever owned.

Imagine the most comfortable, lush cotton t-shirt you’ve ever worn — that is what they made their knit boxers out of.

Kickstarter may be increasingly seen as the QVC of the indie web, and it’s not clear that it can always work well for products (as opposed to the sort of artistic projects like books and films I believe it was originally designed for.)

But the pitch for Flint and Tinder was exactly the kind of thing we at Decommodify want to support: high quality, simple products for every day life, made with a new attention to detail, craftsmanship and care, so I supported it.

The end product exceeded my expectations. The fit, feel, the lack of a tag, the deep colors — all really impressive.

Flint and Tinder Knit Boxers, ~$20

available on Amazon or directly from Flint and Tinder.